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Siri får se upp när Watson blir mobil

oktober 15, 2012

The supercomputer [IBM’sWatson] defeated two human champions on Jeopardy! in early 2011. And later that year, Watson gave his first practical demo in medicine and inked his first big contract with insurance firm, WellPoint.

Nu siktar Watson på att ta över andra områden samt anpassa sig till molnet och bli mobil. Siri får se upp.

Lite info om varför Watson behövs:

Broadly, medical information is doubling every five years, and yet it takes some 15 years to enter mainstream practice. Martin Kohn of IBM notes even if doctors “read one article every night, all year, that was relevant to [their] practice, at the end of the year, [they’d] be 10 years behind current information.”

Och varför Watsons teknik fungerar trots en massa gammal analog information:

And although the world’s information may not be digital just yet—we are closing in on that goal daily. Not to mention the shocking statistic that “90% of the world’s data is less than two years old” and therefore mostly digitized already.