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Så nära är vi att åstadkomma total cellregenerering

september 15, 2011

Technology Review intervjuar George Church (professor of genetics and director of the Center for Computational Genetics at Harvard Medical School) om hans syn på var stamcellsforskningen står just nu. Enligt mr Church är behandlingsmetoden bara år in i framtiden, inte decennier och han ser framför sig hur den kommer sprida sig via akut sjuka, respektive rika åldringar:

It will start with a sick person, and they will end up getting well, possibly more well than before they got sick. So you didn’t just correct the sickness, you actually did more. And they’ll give testimonials, and someone from the New York Times will interview them, and tell this appealing anecdote.

Initially it will be wealthy people who will try this. Ironically, wealthy people are often willing to be the guinea pigs that are really in a sense the front line of new technologies.