AI-konferensen i augusti


Google var värd för årets stora AI-konferens, den fjärde årliga Artificial General Intelligence-konferensen (AGI-11). Ben Goertzel rapporterade, möjligen något besviken, från konferensen att den blivit (för) seriös och kanske mindre ambitiös och hoppfull, men var ändå glad att det öht finns en stor AGI-community:

I think it’s fair to say that there were no dramatic breakthroughs presented. Rather, there was more of a feeling of steady incremental progress. Also, compared to previous years, there was less of a feeling of separate, individual research projects working in a vacuum — the connections between different AI approaches seem to be getting clearer each year

It may be that we need a scientific breakthrough in the rigorous theory of general intelligence before we can engineer an advanced AGI system. But … I presently suspect that we don’t. My current opinion is that it should be possible to create a powerful AGI system via proceeding step-by-step from the current state of knowledge — doing engineering inspired by an integrative conceptual, not quite fully rigorous understanding of general intelligence.


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