Kommunikationsrobotar med laser


Äntligen en referens till robotar med vettig rumsavläsning… (dvs kamera och laser för avståndsbedömning)

Researchers at the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology in Australia have designed the Lingodroids as a mobile platform equipped with camera, laser range finder, and sonar for mapping and obstacle avoidance. The robots also carry a microphone and speakers to “talk” to each other.

If one of the robots finds itself in an unfamiliar area, it’ll make up a word to describe it, choosing a random combination from a set of syllables. It then communicates that word to the other robot. (Sounds like what children often do.)

Lingo DroidA game allows the Lingodroid robots (A) to develop and test their lexicon by specifying a target location (B) to meet at (credit: Ruth Schulz)

The robots then play games with each other to reinforce the language. For example, one robot might say “kuzo,” and then, both robots will race to where they think “kuzo” is. When they meet at the same place, that reinforces the connection between a word and a location.




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