How to profit from the Singularity


This site aims to help people profit from the intermediary technological development between now and the Singularity (estimated sometime in the 2030s).

We will collect investment ideas, both long and short, and encourage external input and discussion on investment themes and technological trends within the macro trends leading to the Singularity. Not the least we hope visitors will contribute thoughts and insights on where we are wrong in order to enhance the selection of investment ideas presented here.

The site will naturally start out hesitantly and struggling with both format and content. It should be considered a brain storming platform on the topic of investing in the final 25 years before self-improving Artificial Intelligence and full-fledged nanotechnology render all other manufacturing and information handling methods obsolete.

The site will mix Swedish and English but will probably be mostly in Swedish.

A few thoughts on investments straight off the get-go:

Dassault Systèmes: 3D CAD/CAM software that might, but not likely, prove useful when designing molecular manufacturing factories

Cadence Design: Semiconductor design software, more likely in the forefront of miniturization but still not quite a nanotech candidate


Things you might want to steer clear of, in particular in the later stage of the Intermediary Period (IP) before the Singularity. However, they might still be interesting in the short term of 5-10 years:

Gold for the long run (when approaching the singularity it will become more and more apparent that molecular machines will be able to extract huge amounts of gold at almost no cost)

Diamonds: nanofabrication of diamonds should become mainstream and more or less for free


I suspect that biotech companies are the closest to reaching profitable breakthroughs, the question is which ones? One might also want to get in early on tool manufacturers like Atomic Force Microscopes, brain scanning technology and such. Where are these companies, streamlined or subsisting as smaller departments within giants like IBM, HPQ, Xerox. Which VC companies have already ventured into nano, robo and genetics. Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers? Who knows. Input appreciated.

Some of our sites of inspiration:, Foresightinstitute (

Some introductory books: The Singularity is Near (Ray Kurzweil), Engines of Construction 2.0 (Eric K Drexler), The Intelligent Universe (James Gardner)



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